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1. #quoteoftheday on twitter: "Bow ties are cool" @sojuls
2.White nails for summer. OPI nail lacquer
3.The series finale! #Beberlyhills90210 What I'm gonna do without one of my best shows :(
4.What I love about summer? the fruit!
5. New dress. From edressy. Idea for prom, weddings...
6. The new background on my phone
7. New in! sheinside and chicwish necklaces
8. Paper flowers.
9. Mustache tattoo from chicwish
10. How the flowers look in my Milan room :) #lovely
11.My orange shoes <3 form="" p="" zara="">12.The dress holding in my room. That way I can see it the moment I wake up
13. "Don't chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The wright people who belong in your life will come to you, stay"
14.The city. Happy remembering the day I meet Olivia Palermo #NYadventure
15. The sheinside dress and my new kimono from H&M
16. Milan I love you. A walk by the Duomo
17. Little things on the skin
18. Excuses to go out home
19. New items from chicwish!
20. Morning mirror picture :P

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4 comentarios:

  1. Bonito repaso en fotos :)

  2. Me alegro de que haya sido una semana tan buena,las fotos lo reflejan :)


  3. love your necklaces :)

  4. cool pics


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