I want christmas!

I want christmas vacation!
Quiero que lleguen las vacaciones!
colors in the streets!
Que adornen las calles!
The lights on!
Que pongan lucecitas!
Have an excuse to buy some cupcakes!
Tener excusa para comprar dulces!

Get some new dresses!
Estrenar nuevos vestidos!
Get pomposius
Ponerme elegante!

put some nice things at home
Adornar la casa!

Get ready!

wear heels everywhere
Llevar tacones a todas partes


Take long wakes along the streets
Dar paseos por la calle

Buy some presents
Comprar regalos


  1. Absolutely in lurrrrvveee with your blog! Just found it randomly through weheartit and I am instantly in love! :) Your blog is an awesome inspiration for me to post more outfits with different styles!!! Thank you and continue to keep up the good work!!

    XOXO, Adela

  2. Preciosa selección de fotos!!Besos

  3. Qué fotos más bonitas!! Lo de los pastelitos me pierde :P


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