Se me acabó la Semana Santa y se acabó Madrid. Es tan gratificante volver a casa de vez en cuando y ver que todo sigue en su sitio. Volver a tu casa con todos aquerlos detalles que habías olvidado. Ver a tu familia y amigos, tener una pequeña dosis de tu antigua rutina y salir de tu vida actual. Me ha encantado. Ya estoy volando a Milan. En unas horas estaré en el inmenso cuarto que tanto me gusta pero para nada comparable con el cariño que le tengo a mi mini-cuarto madrileño. En las fotos de arriba muestro algunos detalles y en las de abajo un pequeño resumen de una semana estupenda.

Easter is gone and also Madrid. It is so satisfying to come back home from time to time and see that everything is still in its place. To be at home and find all the details you had forgotten. See your family and friends, take a small dose of your old routine and go out of the current one. I loved it. I'm flying to Milan. In a few hours I will be in the huge room that I really  like but its nothing comparing to the love I feel for my mini-room in Madrid. The photos above show some details and below is a short summary of a great week.
 1.Great and healthy food 2.Details that make the arrival so perfect 3. Some gift for my parents :) Now they don't have to say it, we have all the rules written 4.Breakfast with my beloved coffee
 1.Take again the summer accessories 2.New bag waiting at home 3.Some acquisitions from ZARA 4. Find that the only nail polish you have here is amazing and you didn't noticed
1. A visit no AD with some friends 2. Visiting an exhibition 3. Frozen Yogurt again! yeiii 4. Take different pictures of the city