Ayer me preguntasteis mucho por la chaqueta que llevaba, la verdad es que  a mi también me enamoró cuando la vi. La compro mi amiga Ines en H&M  pero no le quedaba del todo bien, eso si, la compro igualmente, porque ella es así, si es bonito lo compra, ya le quedara bien :).
El otro día fui a su casa a ayudarla con la maleta porque se iba a Cancun y encontramos la chaqueta, me la probé y fue amor a primera vista. Me quedaba perfecta, así que me la dio :) Que mona es!

Yesterday you asked me a lot about the jacket I was wearing on the post, the truth is that I also felt in love the moment I saw it. My friend Ines bought it at H&M some time ago but it isn't fitting her at all, well, nevermind, she got it. That's the way she is, if something is nice she takes it just in case :).
The other day I went to her house to help her packing because she was going to Cancun. We found the jacket and I tried it. It was love at first sight. I was perfect on it, so she gave it to me :) She is sooooooo cute!